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Most probably you always wanted to keep in touch with you clients, inform them about the new offers, invite them to participate in various special deals and games, but didn't know how? The main aim of the newsletter technique is to send certain to certain client groups as well as to selected clients.


Main functions:

  • Object list management
  • Object information editing (email, data, field 3-10)
  • Object attribute editing (blocked, disabled, pending, denied)
  • Sorting by fields, flirtation by attributes
  • Group creation/editing. Group has only subgroups. Filtration by groups.
  • Subgroup creation/editing. Filtration by subgroups
  • Moving from subgroup/group to subgroup/group (several/unit)
  • Subgroup import from Excel file
  • Subgroup export into Excel file
  • One object entry into different subgroups with a notification
  • Elimination of repetitive objects in subgroups
  • Elimination of repetitive objects in groups
  • Address search

Newsletter sending campaign management

  • Newsletter sending campaign development/editing (date, subject, theme, newsletter)
  • Newsletter sending to a group/subgroup/several objects/one object
  • Newsletter sending to recently added objects
  • HTML letter formatting, template saving and usage properties
  • Addition of a marker via http handler
  • Integration of the property ‘unsubscribe'
  • Newsletter sending statistical data (sent, pened, clicked on a link, unsubscribed)

Notification management

  • Setting the time of notification to subgroups
  • Setting the periodicity (annual/monthly/once)
  • Selecting template for subgroup
  • Display of list objects to be sent (with a date) with a properties of ‘send' and ‘unsubscribe'

Administration panel

  • Super Users (ability to see/edit, manage, change all information and administrate other users)
  • Administrators (see/manage definite zone, set the names of fields, creates users, gives authorization)
  • Users (use defined authorities)


Newsletters are one of the cheapest and most effective means of . Most commonly, newsletters inform potential buyers with special offers and discounts. They should include photos and prices of the products, eye-catching buttons inviting to purchase or simply to learn more about the goods. Design and headlines are crucial for these kind of letters.

  • Email formatting according to your material
  • Data base of a desirable country
  • Server to let for newsletter sending
  • Automatic ‘unsubscribe' function for newsletter receiver that is unwilling to receive your letters
  • Templates to represent your company (we will create according to your needs for minimal costs)
  • Consultations, recommendations
  • Increased number of your website visitors


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