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Internal SEO


Search engines have certain requirements for websites in order to acquire a higher rates as SEO is concerned.  These factors shift all the time, that’s why it important to be up to day with these requirements.

Our SEO specialists constantly observe at least 40 different informational portals on this issue, that’s why we have the latest news on search engine optimization that we can use applying one or another solution for your business. Internal page optimization could be divided into several parts:


  • Technical page optimization Our specialist will analyze the program code of your webpage or e-shop, as well as the other technical segments and recommend you what should be done in order your webpage would be search engine friendly.
  • Meta data optimization We will provide you recommendations or perform meta data optimization ourselves for your webpage. Meta data is crucial for search engines so these systems could interpret the content of your webpage more precisely and efficiently.
  • Structure optimization The structure of a webpage should conform standard SEO theory requirements. Different projects and business models need different structure of a webpage. Our specialists will recommend you the best model of a webpage.
  • Content optimization Optimizing the content of a webpage we can achieve a very high level of efficiency of keyword usage. In addition, while developing a webpage we have in mind SEO and “copyright” legal issues, that help us to create an even more efficient webpage.
  • Other optimization tasks: There are plenty other tasks and things to do with a webpage internally so that a webpage would be more recognizable to search engines.
  • Report All the material involving internal optimization will be presented to the client for evaluation and further usage.
  • Content optimization solutions are carefully chosen according to our and international experiences. We use only legal technologies to perform SEO. However internal SEO could be not enough, that is why we offer our clients external SEO, so that the optimization would be even more efficient.