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External SEO


optimization takes places not in the client’s webpage, but in partners’ and other associate webpages. The key point of this strategy is to display links to your webpage anywhere else in the internet. The more links could be found externally in the internet, the more it is valued by search engines.


The latest SEO/SEM tendencies reveal that external SEO is becoming more and more important in webpage positioning in search engine result pages. According to our and foreign expertise and practices, external webpage optimization determines about a half of success of a webpage. Since this factor is so important we offer a whole package of this service to our clients.

The process is divided in several parts:


  • Links in themed webpages

    We can offer to place links directing to your webpage in external webpages that operate in same or similar businesses. According to your needs and goals, we can offer you paid and free variants of this service.

  • Social network SEO

    We provide social network (i.e. Facebook or Twitter) SEO service. Today this service is really desirable, since social networking is gaining more and more popularity in Lithuania as well as in the rest of the world. Social network SEO enables us to constitute significantly to your marketing strategy and use any social network portal to promote your webpage.

  • Webpage registry in internet catalogues

    This service will efficiently increase the number of links of your webpages in the internet. We use only legal technologies to display your links, maximum link display efficiency is guaranteed.