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SEO opportunities analysis


Before starting the SEO process, it is necessary to clarify the goals a website or e-shop should achieve in its market segment. In order to do this, firstly it is obligatory to analyze competing websites and general situation of the websites of the kind in the market.

Our staff have been observing Google search engine and its requirements for various websites that include online catalogs, e-shops, various entertainment and news portals. We have acquired a great experience on promoting small internet websites, so called micro-pages. This knowledge enables us to offer you a thorough analysis of the client’s webpage, select keywords that are essential in the early and late stages of webpage positioning in search engine pages.

If you desire to achieve the highest results, first of all you have to decide with what keywords or groups of keywords you would like to be on the top in search engine pages. Once this is decided, it is also important to carry out the analysis of the keywords, evaluate and forecast expected visitor flows for every keyword (group of keywords).  Every keyword determines a flow of different kind of visitors on your webpage.



Our specialists will:

  • Analyze your competitors’ websites;
  • Analyze the keywords’ groups;
  • Recommend more keywords to ensure additional visitor flows;
  • Present you an analysis and its results.

We constantly study the Lithuanian Internet market on various SEO segments and this experience allows us to apply the best selection of keywords for every client individually. We can state that the strategy of keywords differs for each page as well as for every market segment. Knowing the situation of Lithuanian and foreign markets, we can develop a very efficient keyword strategy.